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Writing Lyrics Through Images

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We are going to use a technique that is ignored but quite effective. I tend to use this when writing when i am struggling to put words down or what communicate what words to link my message. I use images to write songs and this guide I will tech you the way to use Images to write your lyrics. So grab a pen or a keyboard and lets get to work!

Step 1 - Structure

Each song has a structure. This is important as this will determine how much you have to write. I followed step 1 when i first started this technique because don't just help the lyric process but the melody process to.

The most common structure goes like this

Verse - Chorus - Verse - Chorus - Verse - Bridge - Chorus

This is a average structure for genres such as Metal , Punk , Pop.

Other genres use different structures...

Country Uses

Verse - Bridge - Verse - Bridge - Chorus - Bridge

Hip Hop and Rap uses

Chorus - Verse - Chorus - Verse - Chorus

Just to make it simple we are going to use the average structure plus this also sells and gets the attention to.

Now we have picked we can put on the page the order we want in the following format

Verse 1


Verse 2



Where you decide which lyrics go where will be the same as writing a story with a beginning , middle and end. The chorus will create the message of the song and story and the bridge is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Be sure to space out each one has we are going to place notes in each place. Stay tuned as we will go in depth on the content each song should have and what makes a selling track.

Step 2 Topic and Style -

So now we have to choose the Topic and Style of song we are going to write. This is your own personal choice but if you are struggling and choosing here are suggestions.

Think about your life right now. Is their anything emotionally connecting your but you don't know how to put it into words or you have a topic but no story.

For this we are going write about betrayal but if you want to choose your own you can.

Step 3 Choosing Image 1 -

Now we have a topic you can now choose the first image. This image is important as it will be the guide to how the story is going to go.

You can use any image site for this from Google to Instagram.

When choosing the image pick the one you are drawn to the most. Don't matter why or how let your subconscious take you.

This is the image i have chosen.

So lets break this image down. I would like to hear your own comments on this but this is what you see in this picture.

Now the main point is whats in her eyes. Theirs two people kissing within her pupils obviously but lets look at what it could be. The first question is who do you think the couple are?

Is the man or woman the persons lover?

Is The man or woman the persons crush?

Is The Image just a memory of a good point in life?

Once you have decided for what is happening you write it down under the verse. The next job is to look at the image for any other message you can see or anything else that stands out. For me its the emotion the eyes are making.

Step 4 Choosing Image 2 -

So now you have a basis to go off for your next image. What you have to do is look back in your notes and spot a keyword your mind is telling you to go next.

So for example the keyword i chose was despair. So the next image i will type in to my image gathering software the word despair.

Image 2

Again you repeat the same process until you have filled all the spaces in your structure has been filled.

So to recap you pick the image

Pick the point where you wanna write about

look again until you found everything

pick the next image based on your notes

fill all the song structures

If any questions don't be scared to tweet or Facebook us!

Conall Branson