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Why Does Kayne Do What Kanye Does

For some reason the public and media is talking about this guy constantly. I cannot go through a week or even a month without seeing the name "Kanye West" in the mainstream media. So i took to twitter (@UTGrecords) and tried to understand why people talk about him a

Quite quickly in fact 20 mins i managed to understand. To sum it up Kayne West must be a marketing genius. You may laugh but look at these facts!

His Ego - Just look how he conducts himself in interviews. He talk so much about himself but the main piece of evidence is when he played Glastonbury. I quote "i am the greatest rock star in the world". Its scary to think a musical artist can declare themselves in front of 10s of thousands of people that they are the "greatest" in the world. Yet people was talking about it. Sorry to state the obvious but if people are talking about you then sales are going to go up.

Just what he says - I came across the other day a interview with Kanye on TMZ. Already i was sceptical as TMZ isn't my first port of call with media. So the interview goes on and about half way through he talks about Black Lives and Slavery. The words what he said next is a huge WTF moment (sorry to be millennial). Now what he said no surprise he had hell of a lot of back lash but again people are talking about him.

These are the just two examples of why people talk about him and furthermore buy his records. Is he a talented artist? That is up to the opinion of yourself but either love or hate him you cannot deny in terms of marketing Kanye West is a genies.

Published 29th June

Written by Under The Ground Media Team