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Cher's Back Where It Is

So, if you turn back time (pun not intended) to 2013, Cher gave to us a new album. Better yet the single for that album "Womans World" reached no.1 on the dance charts so I a sense we expect a follow up. But sadly, I was wrong.

After that hit Cher decided a film & TV career which is continuing with a release of Mamma Mia 2 playing Meryl Streep's Mother. You will expect that July 20th. I never knew ABBA had that many more tracks....

Getting back on track, we can expect her new album to drop in September time all being well!! All this was announced on Twitter on the 1st July 2018 and I’m sure between her political tweets we can see some more teasers.

But what are our predictions?

Well I am guessing her sound will be like the 2013 hit however it will contain more of an EDM style bit like Jess Glyne. Reason for this is her 90's hit after love kicked started her career back up when the 80's more rock n' roll sound went quiet. However, we do have our fingers crossed that we will see her bring back them shredding guitars.

Written by Conall Branson

July 3rd 2018

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