Hey and welcome to Under The Ground. We are a Independent record label that gives a voice to a generation that needs it most. We formed in 2018 in a time where  people struggle over the rest of the noise to be heard. 


But best of all we are unique as we focus on many other genres of music. If your into musicians like Eminem and Jim Morrison or you inspire to be like them then we are for you. 


On our site you can read our blog to keep up with us and the world , you can meet our new and old artists and best of all submit your music!

Anyway it has been fun to meet  you and hope to be hearing and seeing you in the future.


kind regards 

Conall Branson 

CEO of Under The Ground Records  

Meet The Team

Conall Branson

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Director of Marketing 


Josh Walsh

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Director of A&R


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